Prusa i3 MK2S Bowden Extruder

When it comes to 3D printing extruders there are many variants but basically two different types: direct drive and bowden extruders. My 3D printer, an Original Prusa i3 MK2S comes with a direct extruder and shows superb printing quality. But just for fun and the sake of getting familiar with bowden extruders I designed a new extruder from scratch.

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3D Printed Diving Accesories

A few years back I discovered scuba diving as a wonderful new hobby. Since then I try to get underwater as often as I can. Fortunately, sometimes different hobbies can benefit from each other. With my 3D printer I designed several parts that found regular use on my or friends’ scuba dives.

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CoreXY Laser Engraver

Lasers are fun, especially high-power ones. Some time ago I purchased a 1 W blue laser and due to a recent 3D printer upgrade I had some spare linear motion components. The next steps are quite obvious, build a 2D laser engraver! I’ve always liked the CoreXY kinematic design and chose to use it in this project.

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