Impressions of Iceland

This post is more a travel recommendation than anything else. Iceland has always fascinated me with its rough and mostly untouched landscape and I promised myself to definitely go there some time. Last year finally was that time. 😀

Below you’ll find a small selection of photos to give you an impression of the island.

The Landscape

Iceland is located in the Atlantic ocean just above a volcanic hotspot and the Mid-Atlantic Ridge where the tectonic plates drift apart. The high volcanic activity is the dominant feature of Iceland’s landscape. It is rich in large lava fields from former eruptions, geysers, hot springs or just regular active volcanoes. The combination of sharp rock formations and a vegetation mostly comprised of moss, grass or small bushes makes up Iceland’s special flair. You can walk for hours in absolute silence without ever meeting anyone or enjoy a bath in a natural hot spring in the middle of nowhere. Lovely! 😀

The gallery includes a few photos that shows some typical landscapes, at least from my point of view. Hope you like them.

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