Wireless home sensor network

Building a wireless home sensor network – Part 1

As wireless controllers and sensors get cheaper and cheaper and more comfortable to use I decided to finally implement the idea I’ve had for a long time: setting up a wireless sensor network. Apart from being a fun project i will start with a small weather station and later add a automatic plant watering system.

This will be a series of articles which I’ll post as the project progresses. So far I’ve only got some basics done therefore things might change along the way. We’ll see how things will turn out.

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OctoPrint Control Box

This box contains a Raspberry Pi running the fabulous OctoPrint / OctoPi, a 5 V power supply and an SSR. It allows you to remotely turn on and off your attached 3D printer, either by using the web interface, by sending G-Code or with a custom system command, which is needed to use the feature through the Telegram plugin. Two hardware buttons are also available to power on/off the printer or send a shutdown command to properly power off the Pi.

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