3D printed diving accessories II

A second post with two new diving accessories that I 3D printed. One is a wide angle lens holder for my Sea&Sea camera and the second item is a pee valve rinse adapter.

Pee valve rinse adapter

When you start diving with a dry suit you sooner or later start using a pee valve because, for obvious reasons, you cannot relieve yourself like in a wet suit. This allows you to dive much longer and even for short dives you don’t need to plan your breaks.

Of course the valve needs to be thoroughly cleaned after use. There are many ways to do this. Since I use a quick connector (see my other diving accessories) I can easily use the bottle shown below with the adapter. Plug in and squeeze the bottle, done! You can either use disinfectant, alcohol or plain vinegar.

Download the 3D printable parts below. Also available at Thingiverse.

Pee valve rinse adapter

Wide angle lens holder

The wide angle lens for my Sea&Sea DX-1G did not come with a proper mount. Holding it in your hand while taking photos is also not an option so I designed a holder myself. You can easily twist&lock the lens onto it just like it attaches to the camera housing. The holder itself is fasted with two M3x20 screws, nuts and washers on one of the camera arms.

Again, this is also available at Thingiverse.

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