3D Printed Diving Accessories

A few years back I discovered scuba diving as a wonderful new hobby. Since then I try to get underwater as often as I can. Fortunately, sometimes different hobbies can benefit from each other. With my 3D printer I designed several parts that found regular use on my or friends’ scuba dives.

Lamp holder

My main lamp currently is a TillyTec Maxi uni basic. To mount it on the back of my left hand I printed a mount similar to a Goodman-handle. The lamp is fixed with zip ties and can optionally be secured on the wrist with a bungee cord. Note that it was designed for use with 5 mm cold-water gloves.

Walimex lamp holder

A friends video light got almost lost due to worn out threads in a plastic mount. It was not really repairable so I chose to design a new one from scratch. The threads are replaced with stainless steel M3 square nuts and should hold much longer. It’s a simple 1:1 replacement part.

Quick-connector caps

My equipment changed quite a bit over the last two years, including a dry suit. It already had a pee valve mounted and I only needed to adjust the tubing on the inside a little. For the added quick-connector I designed and printed a cap and plug to seal them after disconnecting. For the plug you’ll need either a 7.5×1.6 mm or size #011 o-ring.

Subgear XP10 divecomputer bungee mount

A friend asked me to print a bungee mount for his Subgear dive computer. Well, here it is.

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