Customizable cable duct

Whenever you do some electronics project there’s a good chance at least a few wires have to be routed around between boards, connectors and such. When you want to do it well organized it’s usually hard to find a proper cable duct, that’s why I spend some time in OpenSCAD to write a fully customizable version. With a few settings you get a 3D model that’s easily printable.


Besides the basic geometry the script does offer some additional, optional features:

  • Create only the duct, the cover, or both
  • Add custom engraved text to the cable duct’s cover
  • Choose the number of fins and their dimensions
  • The cover can be either overlapping the duct or be forced to the same width

You can download the script below, together with two example ducts. For this you’ll need OpenSCAD to create the actual STL model. A quicker way is to use the Thingiverse Customizer to easily create the version you need.

The latest version is always available from GitHub.

An example image of two different ducts is shown in the image below. The smaller one is regular one while the larger one has some text on the cover, which is also exactly as wide as the duct itself.

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