Underwater Photography II

Since my last post about getting started with underwater photography I kept taking photos and almost always have my camera with me when I go diving. Here are some more photos from various dives.

The Sea&Sea DX-1G camera I use is working quite well, although it definitely has some drawbacks. In low-light conditions it has problems with the autofocus and the images quickly become noisy. The autofocus also quite often adjusts to dirt particles instead of the actual scene. Plus, if you shoot in RAW, it takes about 2 seconds to record an image, which is the biggest drawback IMHO. But nevertheless, it’s still a good camera for starters. All images in the gallery below were taken without the flash. The water is not very clear in almost all lakes this summer and all the tiny dirt particles reflect the flash’s light, which quickly ruins your image.

The images were taken at Wegeleben and the Sundhäuser See.

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