Beginning with Underwater Photography

Since I started diving three years ago I’ve used my GoPro every now and then on diving trips to shoot videos. While I really enjoy photography above water I so far was put off by the relatively high entry costs in underwater photography. This changed recently when, by chance, I could acquire an entry-level digital camera including water-proof housing and flash for a really good price.

Right now I am still testing and getting acquainted to the new equipment underwater. It is quite challenging at first to not get carried away just shooting photos. You still have to take care of all the other things like control your buoyancy, keep your buddy close, check your air reserves, check your dive computer, depth etc.  Anyway. below are some first results I shot at some recent trips. The camera I use is a Sea&Sea DX-1G (built by Ricoh) with a wide-angle lens and a YS-101 flash.

These images were taken at the Sundhäuser See in Nordhausen and the Taucherkessel Löbejün.

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