The Site

This site you are currently visiting is my private website / blog where I occasionally publish my stuff. Some of the content is here because they might useful or interesting to others and some things are just here so I don’t forget and know where to look them up again. ­čśë

The Author

My name, as you might have seen in the footer, is Thomas He├čling. In case you want to get in touch with me here are my contact details:

Thomas He├čling
Subecksweg 18
37581 Bad Gandersheim
Mail: mail AT dream-dimensions.de
Website: http://www.dream-dimensions.de


The content of the site is a mixture of many things like photographs, code snippets, articles and others. All downloadable content will include a separate copyright notice, most likely the GPL for software and Creative Commons for other things. Unless it is stated explicitly all content you see here is published under the Creative Commons NC-SA license, which basically means you can use, modify and redistribute the content for non-commercial purposes if you grant the same rights to others and give credit to the original author. Refer to the previous link for the actual license terms.

If you like to use some of my work for non-compatible purposes feel free to send me a message and ask for permission.


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The theme is a modified version of the WordPress standard theme TwentyTwelve.