Fixing system reboots with Steam games

For quite a while I had problems with a few Steam games that I was unable to play. Every time I started them my computer would simply reboot either before the game was even loaded yet or a few seconds within in the game. The games showing this particular error were:

  • Duke Nukem Forever
  • Portal 2
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

At first I assumed it was the rather old and clogged Windows install (Win7 x64) but this also appeared on a fresh system. So for a long time I was simply unable to play these games. All googling for this error led to nothing usable. The common hint, reinstalling the game, didn’t help at all.

The Solution

Today, after installing CoD:MW3 and discovering it suffered from the same error I finally found the one helpful hint I missed so far. It appears to be a problem with AMD FX processors. Never even thought of that… I don’t know any details but a BIOS upgrade should fix the issue. After I upgrade my BIOS at least CoD now runs just fine! ­čśÇ

I didn’t have the time to test the other games but will do so over the weekend and report the results.

2013-11-07 EDIT: The new BIOS fixes Duke Nukem, too.

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